Welcome to Red Lettered Life! A blog written by a Jesus loving, mid-twenties wife and mom of two toddler boys! Here you will find posts about photography, event planning, interior design, things the Lord is doing and day to day activities, like keeping the kids alive!

Our blog name, Red Lettered Life, has a two-fold meaning. A “Red Letter Day” is any day of special significance. You may notice this practice when you see the holidays printed in red on the calendar. Event planning has a way of opening peoples eyes to see the special significance in another “ordinary” day.

The second part of our name meaning comes from the words Jesus spoke in the Bible. Throughout the Bible, all the words Jesus spoke are recorded in red. Our goal as people, a family, and a business is to live according to those red letters on daily basis. Ten percent of our profits go towards outreaches that bring the red letters to life.

Thank you for following! Let your light shine bright!