Draft Day

We are excited to announce that Team Vandeberg will be adding another player in October!


Yay!! The secret is officially out!! No more hiding my belly that seems to already making an appearance! 😳

Here are the answers to the many questions…..

I am 8 weeks and 4 days.

My first appointment is tomorrow!! (March 1st)

We usually announce like the day we find out, lol, but this time I had specific announcement in mind. So we had to wait for a day when Brett was home and the lighting was good, and the boys were clean, and I wasn’t too sick haha.

I started off feeling pretty good. Just tired. I had high hopes for no morning sickness this time…. but then BAM! So sick again…. all the time 😦

Of course we will be finding out the gender and doing a fun reveal!

I’d be totally thrilled with a third boy!

Finding a new dr and hospital in AZ makes me sad! I miss my dr and hospital in Montana already!

Bekham and Sterling are more excited than I could have imagined! Every morning they ask to see if my belly has grown. They always say good morning and good night to the baby 😭

Brett has been amazing at picking up my slack and holding us all together while I’m so very sick and tired. I literally could not do pregnancy without him!

We are so excited for October!!



Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the sweet comments and love. You are all wonderful pieces in our family journey! ❤



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