Birthdays are a really big deal to me, especially when it’s my child’s birthday. I want that day to be super special; not because they will remember it (because they are toddlers), but because that day is very special to me! So we celebrate. A lot! We celebrate their lives so far. We celebrate our birth day. We celebrate our family. We celebrate the fact I kept them alive another year. We celebrate all our memories. We celebrate our love. We celebrate them! Ahhh, I love their birthdays!

On March 7th, my biggest little will be turning four…. FOUR!!!! Needless to say, the reminiscing has begun. It’s so fun looking through old photos and watching old videos. Especially now that he is old enough to realize the baby in that video is him!

We had a great time looking through his past birthday party photos. For his first birthday, we went with a soccer theme. Soccer was the theme of his nursery, which was so adorable, btw…. so I wanted to continue with that for his first birthday. The decorations for this party were pretty minimal. Since he was only turning 1, I wanted this party to be more for all our adult friends.


My sister in law made this adorable soccer cake! Bekham’s smash cake was the soccer ball on top! My sister in law and mom tag teamed the trophy cupcakes…. I’m still obsessed with those!


We bought a new soccer ball and asked everyone to sign it like a guest book! It turned out super cute. This ball is in his “memories” box and still looks perfect. I love coming up with different alternatives to the guest book idea.

For his second birthday, we had a basketball themed party! We are March Madness fans, and he is born in March and VERY obsessed with basketball. We were able to use a local open warehouse that already had basketball hoops set up in it! Score! The kids ran around and played basketball, then would stop by the concession stands for a drink and snacks! It was literally the perfect party for my two year old, basketball obsessed boy!


The concession stands had chips and cheese, popcorn, gatorate, water, lots of candy, cake and cookies. The kids loved this!



My sister in law and her friend have the cutest cake business back in Montana! They made this basketball court cake. I will link them at the end 🙂


Here is a closer look at the concession sign I made.


I made a roster sheet of all the friends that were coming to the party and handed them out to the kids as they walked in the doors. They were able to go find their picture on the giant play boards hanging on the wall. They also really enjoyed this, because kids just love photos of themselves!

We were able to have tons of games with this theme and location. This basketball pinata hanging from a hoop was pretty fun! We also did “pin the ball on the hoop”. That was a big hit!

I didn’t get photos of the entry table, but we had a hand stamp that we stamped each child with them they walked in like at a real basketball game. We also had an autograph book as a guest book.

This party was so great for toddlers! If you are interested in having a basketball themed party, contact me! I have 10 boxes for 10 friends just waiting to be used! The sets I have ready actually have way more in them than I did for this party.


Here is quick sneak peek of the party that is waiting 😉 It even comes with favor bags!

Now his third birthday got a little crazy, haha! He was Mickey Mouse obsessed…. just like every other 3 year old! I started to look into ideas for a Mickey party and to me, they all looked the same. Black, red, polka dots…. cute, but all the same! I set out to create something different!

We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every day, which gave me the idea to change it from just a Mickey themed party to a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party! My ideas got a little crazy, so the catch was trying to get my point across, but on a budget!

I’m going to give you one photo of the party and save the rest for another blog post! 😀


My mother-in-law and husband built this giant Mickey shoe!!!! They are amazing…. I can’t wait to show you the photos of inside the “clubhouse”!

For his fourth birthday party this week, we’re going with a Pixar Cars theme. It will be super cute!! ❤



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