Last Minute Valentines Ideas

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! ❤ We had our little kiddie friends and their mamas over last week for a Valentines party. I wanted to share it with you in case you were needing some last minute help for Valentines party food or decor!

For this party, I wanted to do something different…. a layout, backdrop, food, something different that I haven’t done for previous Valentines parties.

View last years party here.


The envelopes turned out so cute! Plus, how easy is it to stick a piece of tape to the back and push them on the wall?! I loved how it looked. The arrows are popsicle sticks that I painted red and hot glued together…. They were a cute touch, but not my favorite party decor I’ve ever done.


My goal was to have a mix of healthy treats as well as unhealthy treats, all while sticking to my color scheme! 😉


Rice Krispies and me have a rough relationship…. they are the easiest treat in the world to make, but I cannot seem to make them the right color or consistency!! Oh, well. They still tasted good kids liked them!


Fruit kabobs ❤ A proven favorite! They look adorable. They are healthy. And the kids love the idea of eating off of a sharp stick! Lol!


For more of the unhealthy treats, I took those Little Debbie heart cakes and put them on cake pop sticks! I thought they looked pretty cute in vases. At the center of the table I put these fortune cookies!


These fortune cookies were what I decided to do this year that was new and different. And I’m totally obsessed. They are made out of fruit roll ups! The tutorial is here.



These cheese envelopes turned out cute too! This is a good Valentines lunch idea to pack for your kids! Swiss cheese and cut out pepperoni hearts!



These Jolly Rancher heart suckers were the first to go! The kids loved them! I can’t blame them!


Like I said last year…. what is a Valentines party without strawberry milk and cute cups?!


I found this pink mailbox in the Target dollar section and knew it would be the perfect addition to my table display. I rolled up white napkins and stuck them inside to make them look like rolled up love note letters!



Overall, I was happy with the way our Valentines party turned out. This party really works great if you are needing last minute decor ideas before tomorrow. Or even last minute lunch ideas!

If you are interested in this party theme and in the Phoenix area, please contact me and let’s get to planning! If you are interested in this party theme and not in the local area, please contact me and I can ship it straight to your door!

Have a happy valentines day friends! Show somebody some love this week! ❤



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