Valentines Day Party for Kids

January is almost over! Can you hardly believe that? One of my goals for 2017 was to try and make time go slower. I know that’s technically impossible, but it’s a real goal I have! Some days this month were a success, while others…. not so much!

Obviously, February is right around the corner. Which also means Valentines Day is right around the corner.

Every holiday is worth celebrating, but there is something special to me about Valentines Day! I love seeing people all over America taking time out of their schedule to show someone how much they love them. It’s the best seeing restaurants completely full of people treating someone they love to a meal. One of my favorite parts though, has to be the day before Valentines day when the card aisles at the store are packed with last minute shoppers!!! Haha.

Valentines Day was even fun as a kid! I mean, how great was it making those little mail boxes that you got to set out on your desk at school and gets tons of candy and fun notes from all your classmates?! So much love ❤

I wanted to share with you a super simple, but really cute Valentines Day Party for kids!


For food I had fruit kabobs, popcorn, and cupcakes! I also had made pizza crust in the shape of hearts and then the kids put sauce and cheese on them! And of course, strawberry milk!


I found these heart plates, the pink popcorn boxes and the polka dot napkins at Walmart.


These ADORABLE glass milk bottles were in the Target dollar spot! Score!


The fruit kabobs were so cute, really easy, and a big hit! For an added touch, I used a miniature cookie cutter to make heart shaped with the watermelon. So yummy!


This party was so easy! And still a big hit with all the kiddies! They loved making their own pizzas!

Since the kids handed out Valentines cards, I figured the mommies needed something too! So I made this EXTREMELY easy Strawberry Sugar Scrub! You can find the recipe on a fellow bloggers page, here.


After all was said and done, this party was easy, affordable, fun and full of love! I’ve started putting together our Valentines Kids Party for next month and I can’t wait!!

If you are interested in this party theme and in the Phoenix area, please contact me and let’s get to planning! If you are interested in this party theme and not in the local area, please contact me and I can ship it straight to your door!

Now, go and invite those friends over. Go and book that restaurant reservation. Go and buy roses and chocolates. Go and send out those Valentines cards. Go and love.



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